Owner and Designated Broker

Lena Maul Windermere Real Estate

Lena Maul has been an active member in the Puget Sound real estate market since 1997, the same year she graduated from Central Washington University with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Since then, Lena has transitioned from being an agent assistant, sales associate, and assistant manager/new agent trainer, to Owner & Designated Broker of Windermere North. Lena is a certified Ninja Selling instructor and had the honor of being personally trained by Ninja Selling founder, Larry Kendall.

Her authentic journey through the ranks gives her a rich perspective that makes her very relatable to the brokers in her office. She is a “lead by example” type of gal that is not afraid to get her hands dirty alongside her agents. With a flare and passion for marketing, Lena helps agents understand that having a strategic business plan, coupled with great relationships equals success. Lena makes it a priority to keep the agents at Windermere North informed, innovative and inspired by providing customized tools, market research and insight on trends, which enables her team to achieve the highest level of service and success for their buyers and sellers. She believes that the things in life that are worth the most are not easily achieved, so you better work hard.