Because real estate is rooted in our community

Windermere’s Community Service Day was established in 1984 to offer agents and staff a chance to volunteer an entire workday to give back to the neighborhoods in which they live and work.  Windermere’s Community Service Day has been recognized nationally as a model hands-on volunteer program and has been adopted by other real estate companies and businesses around the country.


Community Service Day 2020

This year, due to the extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in, Windermere replaced our annual Community Service Day with a "Neighbors in Need" fundraiser. Each office was challenged to raise money for local food banks, and the Windermere Foundation matched up to $250,00. The total amount given to community food banks was $690,000 through this fundraising effort!

Our office raised $4,000 with a $3,500 match! All of those funds were funneled into two places. Some of it was used to buy vegetable starts for the Martha Perry Veggie Garden, which provides thousands of pounds of fresh produce to local food banks and senior centers. And the rest of the donations were given to the Volunteers of America in Everett, an origination that manages food banks in Snohomish County and knows how to stretch each dollar to it's furthest.

We know that our community needs us now more than ever, so we didn't stop there. We scheduled socially-distant small groups to work in the garden over the course of several weeks: planting all of those starts, weeding, watering, building structures, and sprucing up. This garden is instrumental in the fight against hunger in south Snohomish County, and is a project that is near and dear to our hearts. We look forward to the time when our whole office can be together in that garden, working side by side for our community.

garden 1