What our Brokers have to say

What our Brokers have to say

Pat Tye

"I have been involved in this office for over 25 years, 8 as an involved spouse, and 14 as an active real estate broker. I have come to appreciate immensely the care, concern, and support of my Broker-owner Lena Maul, and her dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring staff. I have found that in this business, the support you receive from your office is both critical and necessary. Lena provides a sincere amount of passionate care to my partner and I, and the welfare of our business. She accomplishes this thru numerous forms of support such as constant continuing education, valuable and current market information, technology resources and IT support, an open door policy welcoming help and discussion, and plenty of marketing material, just to name a few. I also appreciate her support of nonprofit causes and organizations, one very important example to me being the Windermere Foundation. The personal touch of care and support creates an atmosphere amongst the agents here of acceptance, camaraderie, and encouragement. All these traits give my partner and I the opportunity and ability to work in a great environment, and to be consistently successful in our real estate business. It's also an office full of fun, dedicated, and good agents, and I have enjoyed working here. It's been a great place to hang my shingle."

Melody Benton

"I feel so fortunate to call Windermere North home. The office environment is one of positive energy, forward thinkers and caring professionals. The broker support that Lena provides is beyond and above in every measure; I feel she is personally invested in my success. Lena and her crackerjack staff have created a turn-key, custom marketing program that allows me to reach my sphere consistently in print, digital and at face-to-face events. Not only does this help me stand out as a Windermere agent, it saves me both time and money!"

Laurie Vandermay

"I have been at the Windermere North office for over ten years and have loved the support and encouragement that I have received! Lena Maul is the owner and designated broker and it is very apparent that she truly cares about all the agents/brokers that are with the office. She has implemented many special client events, including a Santa Photo Day that was a fabulous success. I had many positive responses from my sphere. She recently started a program that virtually does not require any additional time on the agents part but has mailings and email items of value going out to our data bases at least twice a month. We have weekly meetings that are organized and full of current market information. If I ever have a question about a transaction, I know that I can go to Lena and get a thoughtful correct answer to the situation. I feel very lucky to work for such a dynamic office with such strong support for all the agents!"

Aranka Fruehauf

"I've been with Windermere North since 2000 and there are a lot of reasons why I love this office, including having a great atmosphere and good energy. Lena is a true leader in the industry! She is a natural leader and helps us to be leaders in our industry through continuous education, coaching, and new marketing ideas. Lena and her supportive staff created a turn-key marketing program that is effortless on my end, not just time-saving, but a huge monetary savings as well. Lena is always there for me any time I have a question, and always finds the right answer. I also love the one-on-one meetings where we make sure I'm on track with my goals and make tweaks to my plan if I need to, or most often she has some new ideas for me. In addition, the weekly Ninja meetings are a fantastic way to keep my skills sharp and stay focused. Being a part of an office like Windermere North eliminates the thought of changing offices; I never wonder how it would be in a different office. I truly can say after so many years in the business, this is the best office to be a successful agent!"